Well, it’s time to face the reality. When a girl has a crush on a guy, she leaves no stone unturned to go all gaga over him. Be it’s about going ahead with a massive wardrobe transformation just for the sake that he would notice her or spend hours to get ready in the morning to look as attractive as possible, girls have gone way more than what is expected.

Ah yes, guys out there aren’t even blind. Um, they certainly notice the small things girls do for them. Thus, if you’re thinking to make yourself evident in his eyes, have a look at some of the key pointers mentioned below.How well you go with kids, right?

Being with toddlers brings about the softer side of a woman. Your guy will certainly notice how much you delight in being around kids and it puts an emotional image of their future with you in their head.

Beautiful Morning look

Even though most of the guys love it specifically when a girl puts in more effort to get ready for them, yet they love to see in your early morning wake up look as you seem to be cuter without all the makeup. Natural beauty is always good to admire at.

When you sometimes wear his shirts or t-shirt

Nothing is stimulating than a girl donning her boyfriend’s shirts or t-shirt. Men will always observe that you wear their sweatshirts and look super-adorable in them.

You even have begun to like sports and discuss about it with them

If you’ve begun to show an interest in Football’s League or the French Open, he is discerning it. It makes him consider that you are a quite open-minded person and love to go ahead with new hobbies just to express him that you really care about syncing your likes and dislikes with his.

You go J with his other girl-as-a-friend.

Um, do you feel jealous when he seems to talk to his other girlfriends? Well, these are something that guys always enjoy. After all, they feel more possessed by you. However, if you do something in a negative way and too overly then definitely that can be a cause of concern and he may not like it.

You tend to drool a bit in your sleep.

Slobbering all over the place could be an absolute turn-off for him. But if you drool on your pillow occasionally when you’re literally knackered, they find it endearing.

When you feel nervous before meeting his mom

It is absolutely all right to be nervous of your boyfriend’s mum specifically when you are meeting her for the time or it may be the 100th meeting. It’s a normal reaction and guys find it adorable.

When they feel you are composed, yet intrepid

Being intrepid and adept of making your own choices is something that men respect a lot. Despite being his sweetheart, he will want you to make your own decisions and not be always dependent on him.

You get ready for him.

No, that doesn’t mean at all that you are permissible to take long hours to get ready. Putting on somewhat good and wearing light makeup that makes you look attractive can go a long way with him.

Make an effort to mingle well with his friends.

Every guy will want his lover to mingle well with his pals. It could be for the brunch or a casual dinner, but he will certainly observe keenly how you interact with his allies.