It is no accident that we love movies like Avengers. There is something about the super powers which fascinates us. On our planet, living among us, far from the fictional super heroes, there are humans with real super powers.

There is something special about them, maybe something with their senses or the way their brain works. These people were neither bitten by radioactive spiders nor exposed to cosmic rays, but they still they developed these super powers, let’s find them out:

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The Human Camera: Stephen Wiltshire



Stephen Wiltshire has is often called as “human camera” as he has an amazing visual memory. British national, Stephen is an architectural artist known for his ability to draw from a memory a landscape after seeing it just once. He can look at the subject just once and then draw a detailed and accurate picture of it. Based on his single twenty minute helicopter ride, the artist made a nineteen foot long drawing of 305 square miles of New York City.

Though Stephan was mute as a child and diagnosed autistic at age three, with help of teachers, he started speaking at the age of nine, Stephen can do what we find unimaginable. The way he can store information in his mind and translate that into amazing pieces of art is simply breath taking.

The Real Rain Man – Kim Peek



Kim Peek’s story had been a inspiration for the movie Rain Man. He had this unique ability of reading two pages of a book at one time, with one page with each eye. He could 12,000 books & memorized Quran in 10 minutes. He had an amazing ability to tell anyone what day of the week they were born on and the events that occurred on that day.

Though the man had some brain changes which made it difficult to eat, walk or do simple activities, the man had super amazing power with books and he would quickly learn difficult things without forgetting them.

Human Calculator- Scott Flansburg



With a mind that can calculate numbers faster than a super computer Scott Flansburg is super human calculator. At the age nine, Scott would solve the mathematics questions without writing the calculations. Scott can add, subtract & divide big numbers with an amazing degree of accuracy. His ability led him to being named “Fastest Human Calculator” by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2001 & 2003. He broke the record of adding the same number to itself more times in 15 seconds than anyone could do with a calculator.

Rubber Boy- Daniel Browning Smith



While most of us find it too hard to touch our toes, Daniel Browning Smith can actually stick his ankles behind his neck. He has used his superhuman flexibility to bring the magnetic appeal of contortion to a new height. He has been named the most flexible man alive. He can literally do anything with his body including bending backwards and forwards, dislocating his arms & legs & rotating his trunk 180 degrees. Our super human contortionist is nicknamed as Rubber Boy & he holds five Guinness World Records.

Ice Man – Wim Hof



Wim Hof is impervious to cold. Wim Hof has incredible ability of being invulnerable cold. He has proven this by swimming in ice cold water & even being buried in ice. As if this was not enough he climbed Mount Everest in nothing but bicycle shorts. The temperature at Mount Everest can vary between minus 35 degrees Celsius to minus 60 degree Celsius. While for any human being these temperatures will surely kill in minutes, for the Ice Man Wim Hof it was a bearable temperature. Hof is a holder of 20 Guinness World Records for withstanding extreme temperatures.

Matrix Man – Isao Machii



Isao Machii from Japan has super sensory powers to process his surroundings in different way to normal human beings. Rather than seeing an item move in air, he anticipates the exact location of the given of the given item at any moment with accuracy. He uses this talent to chop items out of air using his “Katana”. He is uses all sorts of amazing tricks with his katana including peeling an apple and cutting an air soft pellet in half in mid air.

The Lion Whisperer- Kevin Richardson



They say a Lion sleep at the heart of every brave man. Kevin Richardson has an unusual understanding with some of nature’s most dangerous animals. He has an amazing gift of communicating and interacting with Lions, Giraffes & Hyenas. He does not use the common methods of breaking the animal’s spirit with sticks or chains, instead he uses love, understanding and trust. Kevin has become so close to wild animals such as Lions, Cheetah & Hyenas that treat him as their own.

The Real Life Spider Man- Jyoti Raju



For some of us the very thought of heights would scare us. For Jyoti Raju, he took this fear to another level. Often referred as the monkey man, Jyoti Raju has an incredible talent of scaling buildings using his bare hands. He Jyoti Raju regularly wows tourists at a fort near his home Chitradurga by running and scaling the tower in a matter of seconds.

Jyoti Raju climbs with techniques he has learned from watching monkeys. He hopes to climb the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai which stands 2,722 feet high.

Batman-Ben Underwood



When someone loses one of their senses, the other senses improve to help cover the void. Ben Underwood lost his eyes at age of 3 due to cancer. But he never let it destroy his ability to see. When he was 5, he taught himself echo-locate by making clicking sound with his mouth. He could tell where the objects were located & tell how short or tall they were. He had a remarkable ability to pay basketball & Rollerblade. Sadly he passed away at a young age of 16, but he gave hope to many like him to use echolocation. This guy was real a life batman.

The Anti-Sleep Hero- Thai Ngoc



For most of us it’s a struggle to keep awake we didn’t take a proper sleep during previous night. And here we have a man who has kept awake from past 43 years. Thai Ngoc is a Vietnamese farmer has tried taking sleeping pills and made many attempts to fix his condition, however he couldn’t sleep. It is amazing that the man continues to function normal and lack of sleep has no impact on his day to day activities.