The real world is undeniably full of different kinds of coincidences. I consider them the pack of surprises that life tosses on us every now and then. LOL!! No matter what you are doing, where you are or with whom you are sitting, they can happen out of blue anytime and anywhere without your prior permission, leaving you simply speechless or jaw dropped.

Here, we bring for you some most hysterical twist of fate that has happened in India and even across the globe, which left most of us flabbergasted:Funny, Isn’t that?

Rajkumar Rao starred in a movie “Shahid” in the year 2013. After a few days, Shahid Kapoor acted in the movie R. Rajkumar


It’s a sombre twist of fate to note that Arvind Kejriwal resigned on Valentine’s Day in the year 2014, and he took an oath on Valentine’s Day in the year 2015.

Well, who on this earth can ever forget the unhappy demise of the Ebbin brothers?

The Ebbin brothers both died at the age of 17 in an accident when they were traveling in a taxi. The strange part of the incidence was that they both died a year separately while they were riding in the same taxi with the same driver.

Tom Sawyer

Are you able to muse over Tom Sawyer?

These two cricket stars do have something in common, right?

Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli both have set a milestone by hitting 1000 runs versus Australia in their respective 5th test series. Wow!! The only difference is a gap of 15 years. Amazing!!

Was Johnny Bravo was aware about everything before?

This picture was painted dating back to the time of heinous 9/11 incident. An event of Johnny Bravo broadcasted a poster with a doppelgänger of a burning building labelled with the title “Coming Soon”. After 5 months later, 9/11 transpired.

What do you think will it be pass or fail?

In 1990, a student in the UK sat for his GCSE was James Bond, and his paper reference number was 007. Woah!

Alastair + Michael = Sachin. Thinking what does that mean?

See it carefully. Sachin Tendulkar’s stats are the summation of Alastair and Michael. Try once!

Separated identical twins that lived identical lives their entire life.

Jim Springer and Jim Lewis were separated after their birth, and they are identified to be living the similar style of life. They were both wedded to different girls named Linda? And they are blessed with sons James Alan and James Allan. And they both have dogs whose name is even same Toy. Oh My God! Isn’t that too much to digest?

R.I.P. Mr. Ziegland. Karma hunts you back

This is literally a freaky story. Henry Ziegland was a citizen of Texas who actually made his girlfriend to commit suicide. Her brother shot Ziegland and committed suicide. Ziegland endured the bullet shot and the bullet stuck in a tree. Years later when Ziegland was cutting down the tree with dynamite, karma comes back to you and the tree blew up.

Computers could ever be that chaotic

A computer gave two different ladies the similar social security number. Both the ladies had the same name- Patricia, same father name- Robert Campbell, same birthday-13th March 1941, same hobby- oil painting, studied cosmetic and both worked as bookkeepers. Whoa!!

Did you know old Mc Donald picture had farm as well?

There was the farmer in Canada whose name was Mr MC Donald with the postal code as EIEIO. Surprising??

Enzo Ferrari and Ozil.

Do you know their secret? The picture itself speaks a lot, do I have to say anything. Seems like NO!

Dennis the Menace ranges over to Atlantic

The series “Dennis the Menace” is present both in the US and the UK, however, they are diverse entities born from different cartoonists. Both cartoons characters were about a little boy who was a fender bender.