It doesn’t how a baby’s born, whether it’s a first-time mom giving birth through normal delivery, or a third-time mother delivering a baby through c section – undoubtedly childbirth is tough and it is messy too.Despite the pain equal to 200 bones fractured at the same time, laboring is precious moments of love. Not only love between mother and baby, it is also love between families and doctors. Nothing can be more precious than the moment when parents lock eyes for the very first time with their babies. 

Wanna experience those precious moments? I have gathered some pictures which are taken by talented birth photographers to celebrate those moments of pure joy and love in childbirth. 


Beautiful Moment When Couple Enjoying New Morning With Their Kid!

Beautiful Moment When Toddler asking Her Mom When She Will Meet Her Sibling

Parents Becoming Emotional After Becoming Three

A Mother Helping Her Daughter To Give New Life

Mom Giving Water Birth Outside!

Elder Baby is Helping His Sibling in weigh-in

Beautiful Moment When Father Met His Son First Time

Amazing Moment When This Surrogate Mom Gave Child to his Family

Brave Mom Who is Carrying her Babies and Ready to Deliver Another Baby

When This Mom Got Her Baby After Much Struggle- She Got her Baby Through surrogacy

Look at The Happiness of The Dad, He is Cutting The Baby Cord by His Own Mouth

This Mom’s Heart Grew Big After Meeting Her Kid

Speechless Moment When This Little Baby Entered This World

Whole Family Giving Her Strength To Bring new Life

Giving Birth is Not Easy, Beautiful Moment Family Giving Support to Mom