The freedom of movement is taken casually y everyone until it becomes limited. Arthritis is basically the inflammation or swelling of the joints and muscles of the body leading to pain and stiffness. Although exercise is good for anyone, but finding the required time, energy and motivation to move on is really a tough game especially while experiencing pain. Exercise will definitely boost the mood of a person, improving joint function and avoid muscle weakness. You will get relief from pain naturally through exercises. It acts as a source of relaxation.

Hands are a common place to experience more pain if a person is suffering from arthritis, a muscoskeletal disease. This article we are posting to share with you some few easy exercises to relax you from arthritis pain.

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Fist Like Position



This exercise is in the form of a handshake position. Without extending your arm, bend your hand slowly into a fist placing the thumb outside of the hand. Do it gently without squeezing your hand. Once the fist is formed, open your hand until the fingers are opened straight once more. Repeat it for 10 times. Then, try this with the other hand. This exercise will prove helpful in loosening the muscles and strengthening of the fingers and hands. This great movement of the hands will definitely lessen the pain.

Thumb Stretch



You have to hold your hand in a handshake position and bend your thumb until it reaches the base of your little finger. Perform this again for around 10 times and exercise with each hand every time. You will experience pain relief movements relaxing the inflamed joints.

The Position Like A Claw



Start this exercise with your hand help up and straight and keep on stretching as if you are giving a high five to someone. After that, curl your fingers until they touch and the figure looks like a claw or ‘O‘ like shape. Hold on this position for 5-10 seconds and repeat this exercise a few times per day on each hand. This will give you the best results when your hands will start feeling sore or stiff.

Finger lifting



Place your hand palm down on a flat surface like a table and spread your fingers. Start off with your thumb by slowly lifting it up while keeping other fingers as flat as possible. Hold for a few seconds and then lower. Repeat the exercise with both the hands.

Stretching Of The Wrist



Wrist is the main joint affected by arthritis and this pain gives too much discomfort to the person. This exercise helps in reducing the wrist pain relaxing its muscles. Begin this exercise by outstretching your arm out straight with the wrist loose in the downward position with the palm facing inwards. Now push with the other hand pushing some pressure on the downward facing wrist until you get a stretching sensation. Repeat 10 times with both the hands and it will definitely relieve you.

Table Bending Position



Start this exercise in a handshake position by resting the side of your hand on a flat surface with your thumb pointing upwards. Keep on folding the fingers inwards until you achieve a ‘thumps-up’ pose. Now, return to the starting position and repeat it 10 times by switching hands. This exercise will normally allow more movement of hands and the joints.