Your chest routine has been monotonous for years. You have following misguided programming and techniques for your chest. It’s time to free yourself from these training habits that are holding back your chest development.

Learn eight things you should not do on your chest:1. Never Train Delts Or Triceps Before Chest

It is best advised to not train your triceps or deltoids ahead of your chest. The last things you would want to do is to train your chest with fatigued delts or triceps. Definitely you would want your chest muscle groups fresh and not limit yourself due to soreness in triceps and delts.

2. Never stick On Flat Bench

While bench press is a great chest builder, it is not really the best one. Over a period of time, this can diminish muscle growth results from it. Instead of following the regular bench press, start off with alternate multipoint movements.

3. Do Not Go Monotonous On Equipment

Using same equipment for months or years is only going to make your chest training stale. If most of your chest workouts are done with barbells, it’s advised to move to dumbbells. Although dumbbells are harder to control, the results are amazing.

4. Do Not Do Your Incline Barbell Presses On A Fixed Bench

Fixed benches are usually pretty steep, hence when you do an incline bench press it gets closer to a shoulder press. Instead go for an adjustable bench and decrease the degree of incline a little. It is not mandatory that the flat bench, incline, and decline are the only angles you have to restrict to.

5. Never Press Your Flyes

It is a natural inclination to find a way in which you can move the weight, and you do that by turning what was supposed to be a single-joint movement back into a multijoint one. Learn the precise motion of fly-type movements and keep your elbows locked.

6. Never Open And Close At The Elbows During Cable Cross-Overs

As with Flyes, maintain locked elbows with slight bent during cable cross-overs. That means the hands should stay out away from the body. Bend your elbows about 30 degrees in the extended position, as well as 30 degrees at the top. Use a weight you can control, and keep your elbows from extending.

7. Never Restrict Your Barbell Grip

Grip width is another area where people tend to go wrong. Some body builders’ bench wide others only do close-grip benches. Whichever way you adopt, both are being right. Whether it’s with a barbell or some machines, remember that both extremes very wide and very close are likely to be harder at first.

Never Bench Without Retracting Your Shoulder Blades

The concept of chest training is relatively simple, lower the weight to your chest, and push back up to arm extension. Drive your shoulder blades into the bench on the lower portion, which better stabilizes your shoulders.