How do you feel if you have such irritating dots on your face? I can understand you will hate those blackheads. As females are crazy and obsessed about their beauty, these tiny spots will spoil the charm of their face. In today’s face paced world, this problem is quite common among teenagers and adolescents. You can see them mainly on your nose and chin. Various factors are responsible for such facial marks such as unhealthy diet, excessive use of cosmetic products, various bodily hormonal changes, improper skin care, polluted environment etc. Basically, these are open-air pores which are filled with excessive oil and dead skin cells. They are generally yellow or black color pimples. There are a lots of creams, prescribed medicines, tools, etc. available in the market, but they have some or the other side-effects. Home remedies prove to be best while removing blackheads.  Here in this article we are sharing the simple steps to be followed to achieve the positive results. Just try out the given steps and you will see the changes in a few days:

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Steam Facial



The first step before going ahead is to wash and cleanse your face properly. Put some water to boil in a pot. Pouring that water in a bowl, take the steam keeping soft towel over your head as a covering. Avoid the steam getting out of the towel.

Apply A Layer Of Egg White On Your Nose



Apply a layer of egg white on your nose or some other part affected by clogged [pores and then keep them covered with some tissue paper.

Combine One Teaspoon Of Baking Soda…



Combine one teaspoon of baking soda with half teaspoon of water in a bowl. Apply the paste on your face and scrub it. It will neutralize the pH level of the skin’s pH level and rinse your skin off.




See how your nose will look like. It will be more clean and clear.