Everyone gets breakout once in a while. These may be as a result of poor hygiene or poor diet. Most zits can be handled with lifestyle changes by eating healthy food and taking good care of skin. Jaw And Neck

Outburst of zits and acne on your jaw and neck is due to hormonal overdrive. This mostly occurs during puberty that is adolescent age. Apart from this other reasons are stress, high intake of sugar, fatty foods, tight collar shirts and greasy hair.


If you are under high stress it shows on shoulders in form of acne. Also if you are in habit of carrying heavy handbags, the friction of strap against skin can lead to acne.


Acne on chest with whiteheads is due to wrong clothing. Preferably one should opt to wear soft breathable fabric like cotton. However if you are in a habit f wearing nylon or polyester, you are likely to fungal infection and allergy. If you clear from infections, this could be indicating digestive trouble with poor eating habits, bad diet with excessive oil and spices and drinking beverages


Goose-bump coupled with rough skin on arms means you are having Keratosis pilaris. This appears due to poor circulation and overproduction of dead cells at hair follicle. Try treating these with moisturises and regular exploiting. However this could also be due to poor absorption and utilisation of vitamins by your body.

5. Stomach

Breakout in your abdominal area are rare, however these could be due high sugar levels or tight clothing

6. Pelvis

Embarrassing as they look to be, the acne on your pub#c are very painful and difficult to get rid of. The zits on your genital area are indication of poor hygiene. Apart from this they could also occur due to in-grown hairs from shaving or waxing, moisture level also affects the zits here. If zits itch, ooze and resemble warts, they could be symptom of STIs