All girls will agree that at some point of time their perfect nails ditched them. Just about when you are going to a party and you think of trying a new nail art on them, one of your nails gets naughty and gets broken. I know it’s disheartening. But hang on, no need to panic, you can still fix this out by using a tea bag. And I am not kidding, that little tea bag of your favourite tea can actually sort your broken nail.

Scroll over as I bring you a simple hack to fix your detached nail :

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You Will Need



To fix your detached nail, you will a tea bag, nail glue, nail buffer, scissors, tweezers, orange wood stick and base coat. Tea bags are made of thin fibrous paper. When this paper is used to fix cracked or broken nail, it strengthens the nails and blends well to your nail.

Prepare Your Nails



Wash your hand with soap and water. Make sure your nails are clean and there is no nail paint, base coat or cuticle oil on them.

Cut The Teabag



Cut the top of the tea bag and remove tea leaves from it. Then cut a rectangle out of the tea bag. Cut it in same length and width of your break in your fingernail.

Apply Glue



With help of orange stick, apply a bit of glue on the broken part of the nail.

Use Tweezers



Using tweezers place the cut piece of tea bag on the break gently. Let it dry.

Buff The Nails



Take a nail buffer and lightly buff the nail all over to smoothen it out.

Apply Base Coat



Apply the base coat after buffing the nails and voila your nails are perfect once again.

Apply Nail Paint



Once the base coat has dried out apply your favourite nail paint and that’s it, your nails are party ready.