Are you a pool person who just loves to nip in water during the summer season? And do you all the time have red eyes once you come out of the swimming pool? If yes, then here is time to face the reality for you.

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Most people contemplate that it is because of the presence of chlorine in the water which is added to exterminate microbes and microorganisms in the water. However, if you have ever swum in a small pond close by, you have perhaps observed that you still have that redness in your eyes when you come out.

Have you ever thought how could pond water contain chlorine? Perceptibly it doesn’t, but then what is the main reason behind redness in that case?

Time for reality check

You would be surprised to discern that it isn’t correct that chlorine in water is the reason behind eye redness. In actual fact, it is because of human urine, which causes the formation of chloramines as soon as it is mixed with chlorine present in the pool water which carries an injurious influence on our bodies, and also makes our eyes red.

Effects of Chloramines

Chloramines can not only harm the eyes but also result in irritated skin. To avert disproportionate impurity of chloramines, it is vital to check the chlorine level together with the pH of the water every day. You should furthermore consult a specialist in case you often have red eyes.

Human sweat isn’t the cause

There are many people out there who still believe that it may be because of human sweat that tends to get mixed with the chlorine also leads to the creation of chloramines but that’s just assumption, you already discern the real cause.

So, the supposition is you should always avoid urinating in the pools and even recommend others to do the same. This will save many people from getting prickly skin and soreness in eyes.

No Chloramine= No redness in eyes and No itchy skin

Spread the word and make people more aware of this fact.