From young ones to the old ones, we all love eggs then whether it is poached, toasted, scrambled or fried one, the main ingredient of all the egg recipes that is egg has always been remain favourite food of everyone. Even if you ask doctors and dieticians, even they will suggest you to consume one egg every day. There are innumerable benefits of eating egg. Let us see some of them one by one.

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Rich in vitamin and minerals



Eggs are highly rich in many vitamins like E, B2, B5, B12, A and essential minerals like choline, phosphorous, biotin, magnesium, and iron. All those vitamins and minerals make an egg a super food

Rich in HDL



Undoubtedly, an egg is rich in cholesterol. However, do you know that it contains the good cholesterol that is HDL? It lowers the ‘bad cholesterol’ in our body and prevents us from artery clotting and cardio vascular diseases. This cholesterol also helps our body in regulating cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone like hormones.

Initiates Memory Skills



The choline present in the eggs helps our brain to improve our memory skills. Moreover, it is good for would be mommies as it prevents the risk of abnormalities while developing your bundle of joy growing in your womb.

Rich in antioxidants



The Lutein and Zeaxanthin antioxidants present in eggs reduces the risk of different eye ailments like vision loss due ageing and cataracts.

Protein Rich



Do you know that consuming only three eggs a day you can get high level of protein that you get from eating chicken, beef, or pork? Yeah! Don’t be shocked. An egg yolk contains nearly 40% of protein. In addition, you won’t get that bad cholesterol, which you get from eating red meat.

Helps to reduce weight faster



This high nutrition food is low in calories, due to which it helps in weight management. If you don’t believe me. Try eggs in your breakfast, you will feel fuller whole day, due to which no hunger pangs will buzz you at work.