Everyone wants to look good but in order to achieve that, regular exercise and proper diet is essential. We all look for different ways to reduce our weight and different lifestyle is suitable for different people. This post is about a man who followed the Rock’s diet and had brilliant results.

Meet Webbster

He wanted to tell the world that ordinary people can also follow the Rock’s diet and all they need to do is be serious about it.

This is the meal plan he followed

He concluded that being The Rock is very tiring as it needs so much patience and is also pretty expensive.

This is how the meal looks.

It is obvious how 6-7 meals a day are going to cost you and Webbster had to spend USD$1,262 on food in total, which suggests that he spent about USD$42 per day, which includes USD$18 worth of cod.

This is how Mark looks like now.

In the left is the current look of Mark where he weighs 94 kgs and has gained muscles on the right areas of body. Earlier he used to be thinner and was 93 kgs. It took him about 5 hours in preparing the food, eating it and working out.

His routine was also like Rock.

His routine was based on what Johnson did for his movie Hercules. He also did an hour of cardio and 90 minutes weight training for six days in a week. 3,550 calories were burned every day and is based on the workout Johnson did for Hercules.

Dwayne was impressed.

He himself was brought into attention and then showed respect for the guy as he tweeted this message.