Stress can be a huge joy killer. It can dramatically hamper the quality of our life, making you all sad and gloomy. Fear not, we will provide you with fast and effective method to burst that stress. You will feel all positive and happy in no time. We bring to you the ancient science of Hand Yoga from India. You do not always have to carry a yoga mat to do yoga. These easy hand yoga movements will relive you of your stress in a breeze. Read on…1. Gyan Mudra Or Wisdom Position

Touch the tip of your index finger to the tip of your thumb to do this mudra. This will improve your memory, creativity and enthusiasm, increase air in the body, and decrease your sluggishness.

2. Vaayu Mudra Or Calmness Position

Place your index finger at the base of your thumb. Press your index finger using your thumb at the phalangeal joint. Vaayu Mudra decreases air in your body, reduces hyper activity and aggression. This mudra will calm you down.

3. Akash Mudra Or Lightness Position

To do these mudras bring together your thumb and middle finger. Make sure they touch each other. This position is great for detoxification of the body and driving away tensions. It also relieves your body of congestion.

4. Shunya Mudra Or Pain Relief Position

Put you middle finger at the base of your thumb then place your thumb on the middle finger. Gently press the middle finger with your thumb. This position reduces pain caused by ear disorders, increases space in the body and reduces numbness.

5. Prithvi Mudra Or Strength Position

Make sure the tip of your ring finger and your thumb touches each other. This position is a great for increasing the earth element of tatva in your body and decrease the fire element. It regulates the temperature of your body, helps in muscle and tissue growth and relives you of fatigue.

6. Surya Mudra Or Weight-Loss Position

Place the tip of your ring finger at the base of your thumb and then place the thumb on top of your ring finger. This position increases the element of fire and decreases earth. This position helps in weight loss, improves vision and cures indigestion. It is good for people who constantly feel cold.

7. Varun Mudra Or Moisturization Position

Bring together the tips of your little finger and thumb. This mudra increases water element in your body. It is amazing for relieving joint pain due to arthritis, regulating hormone and preventing dehydration.

Did they sound too difficult? Not at all! These mudras are really easy to do and just take few minutes. Try them!