Here is a story of two Christians who are completely different, after reading the whole story asks yourself which type of Christian are you? In the end you will come to a very important section of the story in which faith seems to be much stronger and you will realize how connected you are with god. So read the whole story and ask yourself, do you have faith in God?Once Two Men Decided To Race!

One day two runners decided to prepare for a marathon. One decided to work hard and prepares by racing over hills and down the highways daily. He did not relax and he involved exercises, strengthening his legs in his daily routine. He started running every day, building enduranœ.

The Second Man Was Lazy!

The second runner was bit lazy and he prepared by sleeping two hours extra each day. He never thought of working hard, while he eats a lot and does nothing exhausting to upset the condition he feels he is in.

The Marathon Race!

Finally the day of the marathon race comes. The 26.2 m. course lies in front of the runners at the beginning line. Now it was time to start, the gun goes off; the race starts.

It Is Obvious, The First Runner Who Has Actually Did Hard Work.

He Keeps Filled With Spirit

Two Christians make for a tough time ahead. The first one spends each day communicating and praying with God. He follows David’s guidance, committing to his reminiscence the most helpful part. And he keeps filled with the Spirit, sticking to Paul’s advice.

He Chose To Read Bible on Weekends!

The second Christian chose to read Bible, however only on Sunday morning when he visits church. He prays, but only when he used to visit church. And he thinks the priest is correct when he talks about having Holy Spirit. He hopes his kid will someday be filled with the Spirit like he was when he was a kid.

Troubles Are Part Of Everyone’s Life See How They Both Reacted

Then it was the time when trouble strikes. The first Christian was positive as he was always connected to god. He faced the difficulty as he knew God will help him through every phase of it. He was calm and soon achieved assurance, and deserved victory.

The Second Person Got Scared However First One Was Calm

The second Christian could not face it confidently as he became panic. He started criticizing God, friends, family and wife. He was not aware what God expects him to do. He doesn’t have the assurance in his heart and the assistance of the Holy Spirit, the “friend who sticks closer than a brother.” In nervousness, after exhausting all other means of assistance, he started crying to God for help. At that time, God helps, because God loves …

So What You Have Realized?

So the lesson is god is always there if you have pure heart and have Holy Spirit. Hope the man has learned a serious lesson. The first Christian who was hard worker and had Holy Spirit wins a simple victory. The second got disappointment, painful, prolonged victory that could have been simpler. My friends, now I want to ask you which Christian are you and which path you would choose to reach your destination?