Every time we party, we never miss to order fruit Juice, as they are easy to order, tastes good, and even if we did not finish the juice on the very same day we can restore it. From a small kid to an old man, everybody loves commercial fruit juice. However, do you know that fruit juices are nothing more than a glass of soda?

Confused? Don’t worry! I will clear this to you that why commercial fruit juices are so bad.


Read, what experts view



I know, I know, you will hate me for pinpointing your favourite commercial fruit juice. Nevertheless, I am not making these allegations. According to clinical nurse specialist JJ Virgin and health expert Corrie Pikul, manufacturers strip down the skin and pulp from the fruit, resultantly, what we got in the end is just the sweet essence of that fruit. In simpler words, we only get the 5 to 8 teaspoons of fructose per cup.

So does that mean eating fruit is also dangerous?



No, not at all! Dr. Mark Hyman said that when we eat fruit, we ingest significantly smaller amount of fructose than sweetened beverages. However, eating fruits in their natural form have different impacts on our metabolism. Like, natural form fruits have higher content of fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants that helps improves digestion.

Intake of higher amount of Fructose is not good



Dr. Jonny Bowden also writes that according to researches, almost every sweetener has fructose, which is very dangerous for our health. Fructose creates insulin resistance in our body, which significantly triggers increase in triglycerides. Overall, intake of this will only make you a patient of different diseases, like heart attack, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

However, Fruit Juice Has Very Little Fiber



All those little white pulpy bits in your orange contain fiber. If your orange juice doesn’t contain that, that means you are only having a glass of fructose, which aid no help in your health improvement. The same goes with other fruits juice, if you remove the skin of the fruit, you will get nothing healthy from it. Even if you buy pulpy fruit juice, even then you can’t enough fiber, vitamin, and minerals that you can get from the natural form of fruit.

Fruit Juices are Highly Acidic



Fruit juices not only have higher sugar content like sodas, but they also put you at higher risk of acidity and tooth cavity. Over time intake of both soda and fruit juice wears away your tooth enamel, which feed bacteria and gradually disturbs PH balance in your mouth.

Then should I stop drinking fruit juice?



No! I am not saying that. It is just we are asked to stop intake of commercial fruit juice as they are not healthy. As far as fiber content is concerned in the homemade fruit juice, you can circumnavigate the pulp by tossing the skin/pulp in with the fruit itself.

Limit your fruit juice intake



If you really want to be take all the benefits from a fruit, try to consume it in their natural form and limit your fruit juice intake. This will certainly prevent you from all the mentioned problems caused by the fruit juice intake.