When a child loses his tooth, generally we inform them about the Tooth fairy and all magical stories that it is good to keep the tooth under the pillow. But we all are not aware that, doctors say that we need not toss the teeth as the teeth could be very powerful. Let’s see what we should so in that case. 

Tiny Teeth Are Precious We Should Not Pluck it Directly as It May Be Powerful

Did You Know That Tiny Teeth Stem Cells in Them?

What is the relevance of stem cells? Stem cells creates neurons, cartilage and even bones too! How incredible is that?

If your Baby Were to Develop Disease like Leukemia or Hodgkin’s Disease, Their Baby Teeth Can Actually Help Them To Fight This Disease and Save Their Life

Instead of Doing Bone Marrow Surgery To Find Out Stem Cells, Their Baby Teach Can Actually Help to Recover From Such Serious Diseases

Many Of Us Are Not Aware That There are Websites, Where You Can Send Your Child’s Baby Teeth For Safekeeping

These sites keep baby teeth in freezers to maintain its quality, but you need to send in two days of falling.