Some women are crazy about weight-lifting and maintaining a fit body. Infact, most of us girls think about going to gym daily but fail to do so. I particularly envy those who can follow strict diet and maintain a healthy weight. But look at this woman who was infact pregnant and still dead-lifted 155 pounds. We all are well-aware that when they are pregnant, all they want to do is stuff their stomach with loads of Ice-creams and chocolates in the middle of the night and sit with their feet up on the couch.

This woman, although, marked a definition for all other women and told them, that having a baby should not stop anyone from maintaining a healthy weight, even during pregnancy.  Read her full story here:She is a personal trainer.

Emily Breeze Ross is 31 year old and is a personal trainer and loves to work out. She has also participated in numerous CrossFit competitions. Being pregnant also did not stop her from her workout sessions and she continued doing so without thinking.

Emily dead-lifted 155 pounds when she was 34 weeks pregnant.

Can you believe? This much late into being pregnant and still lifting 155 pounds, which is quite heavy weight, and is what most woman would be scared of doing, even if they are not pregnant. This woman is really a fitness freak and an inspiration, isn’t she? This is not all, She is now about to give birth to her baby, Breeze and does exercise 6 times in a week.

difference of one year

This is her thin belly from the time she was not pregnant. She always had a proper shape and has been an athlete. Ross hopes to lose the tummy and gain that shape back again after following a strict diet.

She Vows to lose her weight on time after pregnancy.

Ross’s due date is April 29, and she has gained about 26 pounds since becoming pregnant. She does not aim to count calories further, but is thinking of consulting her doctor to know well about her workout schedule.