When you look at your Toothpaste, have you ever wondered why different toothpaste has different colours? Sometime they are different patterns or colours on the bottoms of toothpaste. But Why?  Undoubtedly just like me, many people choose their toothpaste by colour, smell, packing, effect and whitening effect. No one bothers what is the meaning of different colours of strip, so here I have gathered some useful information regarding toothpaste colour, so next time you can make better choice at supermarket. The Colour Of The Toothpaste Matters

Recently it has been revealed that the colours on toothpastes are another customer tip that has been viral on the web and in fact it should provide information concerning the toothpaste.

Bottom Mark of Toothpaste Represents Composition Of The Content

Some toothpaste, as advertiser claim in their advertisement, is natural and few advertisements are absolute lies. Well, we can discover this out as per the colour it is marked with by just seeing toothpaste’s bottom mark.

Green Should Be Your First Choice

You might have noticed that there is green mark on some of the toothpaste, which doesn’t mean that product is just showing it is natural. It is actually 100% natural, and if you always choose natural products you must go for it.

See What Blue Mark Says?

If you spot blue mark on your toothpaste, it means it consist natural elements and some medicines.

Red is Not Danger Here!

When you see red mark on your red toothpaste, it actually means it is a blend of some natural and chemical components

Spotted Black? Take Only If Suggested!

Black spot on toothpaste means it contains all chemical components so take if recommended only.

At Time Its Not All About Components!

At times toothpaste’s colour strip is made only for package matching purpose and different colours are meant for various kinds of packaging .This can be figured out by light beam sensors.

Best Way To Check Product is By Reading Ingredients

If you want to be sure about quality, it is suggested to go through about all the ingredients before buying it. And you should be aware about pron and cos of each and every ingredient involved.

I Am Sure You Are Rushing Out To Check Your Toothpaste

Yes! Its good to check what kind of toothpaste you are using and what your mouth requires. So With the help of these colours information, choose best toothpaste for healthy oral hygiene.