Do you feel embarrassed due to your acne? Don’t worry if your are unable to win battle against it, you can hide them!  Acne and huge pores occurs due to unhealthy and oily skin. Don’t lose your confidence when makeup can make wonders on your skin. Here I am presenting few makeup tricks which can definitely helps you to hide your  unpleasant pimples and scars. So don’t let pimples fade away your beauty, just learn these easy makeup tricks to glow even more. Scroll down to get pimple free skin in few minutes.Ready To Hit The Party? OOOPS Pimples! What To Do?

Obviously you won’t be able to get rid of pimple over night, so you must figure out a way to hide the acne. What would you do in this situation.

Makeup Can Create Wonders Actually!

So here you need to learn a makeup trick which will actually work like an eraser hiding pimples. Want to know how? See the tutorial!

First Step- Clean Your Face and Make Sure oil and Dirt Is Removed

Apply Oil Free Moisturizer On Skin

Now use oil free moisturizer on skin and let it dry so that you will get smooth base covering your acne under the makeup.

Use Green Concealer To Hide Your Acne

With the help of green concealer hide your acne and contour your skin with darker shade than your skin color.

Apply Foundation To Cover Green Conceler

Now it is time to hide green concealer, use a foundation and cover your skin and acne with skin matching foundation. You can apply it with the help of brush to make your skin even then after few minutes again use foundation and spread it with beauty blender to hide pimples.