Every person born is beautiful, yes there are some imperfections, but then no one is perfect. For some people beauty is all about your appearance, however beauty is not a matter of just good looks, it’s also living with confidence with the imperfections you are born with.

A beauty blogger has redefined beauty as she lets the people know that beauty is in eyes of beholder. Take a look at her story:Meet Marimar Quiroa

She was born with a cystic hygroma tumour on her face, which grows as one ages. Due to this she is unable to speak. She has been through various treatments for the same. However her doctors did not remove her tumour as this is non-cancerous and can damage the tissues.

Makeup Is Her Passion

Marimar is passionate about makeup, she recalls that even in her childhood days she weld stand in front of mirror and she would talk to herself and tell herself ‘I am beautiful’.

Rude Comments

Marimar lived her passion and started uploading her makeup tutorial videos on you tube. She shares her makeup tips with use of sign language and she has gained 110,000 subscribers. However she is subjected to rude and demeaning comments of some viewers.