Just like me, you must have come across moment wherein you get least time to get ready! Right? After dressing and makeup hairstyle is the last touch up to your look, but many people fail to do a good hairdo. If you have mastered hairstyles, then you the luckiest person on this planet, I must say! But here I have gathered some hair-styling tips and hacks which will help you in those hectic days to make your hair look presentable.Long Hair Curls

When planning to curling your hairs, starts with middle as it will be long lasting and look amazingly beautiful.

Curls With Flat Iron

Want to get wavy curls? It is the best way to get wavy curls you just need to twist your hairs in between the straightener and move it slightly.

Brush Pool

Right use of brush is important while styling, so with help of this picture know which brush is important for your preferred styling.

Fake Bangs

This is so easy to make and one can learn it easily from image. You just need to tie your hairs on crown. Tie your hairs in a way that your lower hair locks falls on your head, then twist your front hairs with the help of curl machine. See, It is so easy and can be done in few minutes.

Fake a Fuller Ponytail By Doing The Double-Ponytail Hack

Ponytails look playful and effortless, but chic at the same time. It’s the fast and easiest hairstyle that will keep you looking casual and fresh every day. And to give a fuller look to your hairs, try double pony which is very easy. This hairstyle is trendy and looks cool so try this now.

Sticy Bobby Pins

Many people complains that bobby pins doesn’t stick to hairs and got slipped. Say no to this problem and try the idea given in image.

Simplest Way To Get Instant Waves

What if you can curl your hairs in few minutes without the need to use any weird techniques? What you need to do is make some braids and use a flat iron on them. This hack will leave you with natural looking waves