Do you like new hairstyles that today’s teen keep following or you can say, keep inventing? Well, if you ask me, I love to do experiments with my look. Because, every time I visit my friend or acquaintance, the first thing they notice about me is my hair. Moreover, luckily I was appreciated too.

However, there is a new hidden-rainbow hair trend spreading in London like a fire. If you really want to try out something crazy with your hair and looks, why don’t you try this new hairstyle and see how it looks on you?Surprise pocketful of sunshine hidden in your hair

This brand new hairstyle trend in London is truly unconventional. Nobody can see it until you want to flaunt it. It remains underneath the layer of hair.

It is a high-maintenance Look

Yes, it is. If you want to keep the colour of your rainbow vibrant and refreshing as they were on the first day, you need to go to salon once every two weeks, as the colors used in bleaching your Rainbow are temporary.

Does it go for everyone?

Yes. This is the best thing about this new hair trend. Whether you have curly, textured, fine, or thick hair, it will go with all hair types. The only thing it demands to have one-length haircut. As the name of this hairstyle is Hidden Rainbow, you need one-length haircut to keep your rainbow hidden until you want to flaunt it.

Even the corporate women can pull this off

Your colourful Rainbow remains hidden underneath the layer of your natural hair that not only makes you more comfortable and confident when you are on-duty, but also let you flaunt your crazy side when you are off-duty. Isn’t that great?