With Halloween just round the corner, I have been trying to penetrate the zeniths of the Internet realm to bring you the best apparel creative ideas I could treasure trove. Fortunately, I stumbled across this fantastic thing that you will definitely feel amazed after discerning about it.

And here we go


Ever since I could recall I have always felt so much excited about Halloween parties. I’ve been a witch, a tomcat, a pumpkin, and some more as in I’ve even dressed up as an orange before now. So this year I fancied trying something a bit unique and innovative.

Beauty pundit Jackie Wyers demonstrates you how to fashion a REMARKABLE look that is undisputable to leave your friends jaw dropped and spellbound. If you know someone who is an admirer of ‘The Little Mermaid’ then you OUGHT TO exhibit them this.

It looks super intricate but you’d be flabbergasted at how simple it is. All you need to do is to make striking mermaid scales is mesh stocking, and some shimmery bold eye shadow.

This method works wonder on any part of the body you want to make scales on. Just simply envelope it with the stocking and lightly put any shade of eye shadow onto the area.

When you take it off you will be speechless by the incredible effect it creates, whoever came up with this is a virtuoso! After watching this video I tried to do that at home to practice this one for myself and it really works, your face will look like it is covered in shimmering scales, just like an “actual” mermaid.