When you think, you have seen all the possible hair dyeing trends of the youngsters and teenagers — grey granny hair to opal and burgundy hair color — our fashion industry hit with a new color pattern which initially leave us baffled and then made us crazy. But this time, fashion world has hit the floor with something flaming hot, that is “Sun Set Hair Trend”.

This new hair colour trend is a blend of red, orange and purple colors that make it look like, as if the sun is resting on your hair, and will set onto a body of water.

Keep scrolling down to see our selection of head-turning looks and bright-gritty locks of the bold and beautiful ladies. So get ready to select your sunset hair colour, which you are confident enough to pull off!Get ready to flaunt your new Sunset look to the World

These red locks look beautiful

Get the perfect Sunset color

As fresh as the first ray of sun

Painting hair with the colours of sunset is new trend

Blend of red, orange, purple and pastels is setting the fashion world on fire

Subtle and perfect!

Looks so natural!

All the hair dyes in her hair to get perfect ivory rose hair

It looks great on short hair too

But the long hair can perfectly flaunt the hues of sunset colors

Your new look will surely get you the needed and unwanted attention. So get ready for the comment an