A makeup artist works on your flaws, understands your unique features to work on and brings out the best possible look on you.  But have you ever come across a makeup artist who can transform you into a celebrity look alike.

There are makeup some makeup artists who can transform themselves into celebrities, and there is one among such artist who takes this to next level.

Let’s see some of her Breathtaking Transformations:Her Majesty

One her most impressive transformations, Lucia made herself look identical to the Her Majesty


Lucia used a black wig, bushy eyebrows, a bit of tan and voila she converted herself into Scar face of Al Pacino. To complete the look she added the chain and the cigar.

The Godfather

With attention to every detail, Lucia transformed herself to iconic Godfather. Is there anything that she can’t do?

Rocky After The Fight

She’s even recreated Sylvester Stallone as he appeared on “Rocky” after the fight’. The look comes complete with bruising, swelling and dried blood.


She has the skills to go from Rocky to Rambo. She adds a nice touch with the black headband and the bloody blade.

Bette Davis

Lucia pays tribute to Bette Davis recreating her cool character from “Return From Witch Mountain”.

Dr Frankenstein

She transforms herself to monochromatic character like Gene Wilder in “Dr. Frankenstein”. To add a perfect look she even added his crazy blonde hair.

Murder She Wrote

Lucia uses perfect wig, glasses, and accessories to look just like Angela Lansbury.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Without the use of prosthetic Lucia can transform herself to easily, look at this series of pictures that shows the steps to her transformation as Johnny Depp in his famous Captain Jack sparrow character.

Hulk Hogan

Lucia made herself look like his doppelganger using perfect makeup, blonde wig and red bandana.