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Mom Breastfeeds Her 4 Year-Old In Public, And Doesn’t Care What You Think.

It’s hard to believe that in 2016, breastfeeding in public still makes people uncomfortable. Those against public breastfeeding argue that it’s vulgar and those mothers who absolutely choose to nurse their babies must go to their cars, go to a public bathroom, or stay home.

Mothers refuse to nurse in dirty bathrooms and subject their kids to such situations. Furthermore, they point out at the hypocrisy of the society we live in, where posters of women in sexy lingerie are splattered on store fronts while nursing moms are shamed.

But women are fighting back. They point out at the natural and beautiful bond nursing between mother and child is just that. If you don’t like it, simply look away.

#1. Ana Garcia has her own YouTube channel, “MamaGarciaVlog.”

Her latest video had 69 million views and counting since she posted it.

Ana Garcia has her own YouTube channel, "MamaGarciaVlog."

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