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Let’s be honest, sex is good. It puts you in a happy mood, it feels good, and well it’s fun. It also brings a couple closer together and is known to reduce stress. Studies have shown that endorphins and oxytocin are released during intercourse. These are the happy, feel-good hormones.

Doctors are now understanding that sex can actually make you physically healthier. In fact, researchers believe getting it on at least once every two weeks help people manage their stress and anxiety better.

Although, you don’t have to climax every time, you will get the most benefits when you do. If you want to see positive results, don’t just settle for doing it twice a month, instead opt for three to four times per week. The more times you do it in a week, the more your heart and body will thank you for keeping it vital.

#1. You are burning more calories during the act.

You can burn about 120 calories during a 30 minute romp or as research shows a 190-pound man can burn 413 calories in an hour of energized sexual activity.

You are burning more calories during the act.
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