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Fascinating Facts About The Sperm.

Sure, you may have transcended the days that you used to crack up in the back of the classroom, drawing pictures of sperm and penises and boobs in notes to your friends — but then again, how much do you really know about sperm, anyways?

You’ve probably got the basics down: Sperm comes from testicles, it comes out when a man ejaculates, and if it makes its merry way to a woman’s egg, it can get her pregnant. But it turns out that sperm is far more nuanced than those basic facts, and we’ve compiled a list of interesting, lesser-known trivia about the microscopic little devils that you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with. From how fast sperm actually move, to what the difference is between sperm in semen, to what you can eat to make your sperm taste better (yup), there’s a little bit of fascinating info in here for everyone. Find out more below.

#1. Not everyone can handle sperm — for actual clinical reasons.

Some men and women experience itching sensation, redness and burning sensation if sperm touches the exterior of their skin.

Not everyone can handle sperm -- for actual clinical reasons.
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